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Michael Challenger

Producer | Director | Co-ScreenWriter

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Known for being able to draw the star out of his performers, Michael not only has command over the stage and on set, but also those who perform on it. In the past two-decades, he’s carved out an established career path that is a rarity in the entertainment industry. Throughout the years, he’s earned a reputation for his versatility, exceptional talents, and unparalleled work ethic as a performer, choreographer, producer, director, and entrepreneur who thrives on inspiring others. After graduating at the top ten percent of his class from one of the nation’s leading film schools, Michael decided to hone his many skills and talents, namely in directing and producing. In fact, his ability to wear different hats at once was his own inspiration and catalyst behind creating ANU Productions in 2007. In just a few years since its launch, the company has already set high standards and is now recognized as a leader in the entertainment production and talent enhancement industry.

Having excelled in multiple areas of the entertainment industry, Michael’s most noted credits and influence span across the US, Europe and Canada with titles such as “Fringe,” “The L-Word,” and “Hellcats.” His tenure in the world of theatre has led to a vast variety of award-winning Broadway Productions, namely “The Producers,” “Chicago” and “The Lion King.”

One of the many highlights in Michael’s extensive career was his role as director and choreographer to the finalists in the increasingly popular TV show, “So You Think You Can Dance” in Poland. He also worked with celebrities on the renown, international television franchise, “Dancing with the Stars” (French version).

As a producer and director, Michael has worked on Music Videos, Short Films, Commercial Specs, Events and Web Series, as well as Developing Talent. The secret ingredient to his method lies in his artistic approach of being a creative problem solver. By choosing the perfect cast, the right look, and the appropriate form of entertainment, Michael always brings creative elements to every scene. Over the years, he has also hosted live and charitable events both as a speaker and Master of Ceremonies. As a public speaker, he has utilized his skills to effectively connect to his audience. Additionally, Michael’s face has made appearances on several Canadian billboards, magazine covers and promotional campaigns.

Currently, Michael resides in Los Angeles and continues to make his mark within the global entertainment industry, turning the impossible possible with his detail-oriented vision and talent within ANU Productions.

Avi Quijada


Avi Quijada

Avi Quijada is a Writer/Producer born in Venezuela.

She has worked in diverse production ventures from Feature Films, Documentaries, TV, Advertising, Journalism, New Media and Web Site development, for independent producers and companies such as HBO Syfy/NBCUniversal, including founding XFN Productions, where she functions as Principal.

She’s functioned as the Editor-In-Chief of the entertainment news website, X-Files News since 2008. This was the first fan website authorized by 20th Century Fox to advertise The X-Files Series and Movies.

Her family is very adept to the Sci-fi and Drama genres and was encouraged to write short stories by her grandmother since Elementary School. Story tells that she was 11 when she began making movies with her father’s broken Handycam, after taking some acting classes, writing, producing and directing shorts with her brothers and High School classmates.

She holds a Master in Fine Arts from the American Film Institute Conservatory in Producing and a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from Andres Bello Catholic University Caracas.

Daniel Lynn


Daniel Lynn

Daniel grew up in Montreal, a very cosmopolitan city bridging the gap between Europe and America, between English and French, between old and new. His hometown gave him a broad perspective on the world and its different cultures and religions. It showed him the importance of diversity and the importance of culture in protecting that diversity while overcoming the differences.

Daniel has worked in film since 1999 as a grip, electric, gaffer, AC and DP. He graduated with a BFA from Concordia University in Montreal in 2002 with a major in Art History and a minor in Film Studies. In 2007 he shot MURDER, a short film that was accepted to the 2009 Crossroads Film Festival in Jackson, MS. And the web series he shot in 2009, THE ACTOR DIARIES, was accepted to the Los Angeles Comedy Festival.

In 2011, he graduated with an MFA from the Cinematography program of the American Film Institute Conservatory in Los Angeles, CA. While there he shot 6 films, 2 of them on 35mm film, and crewed on over 25 other films in different capacities. In June 2010, he shot a short for Academy Award Winner David Brenner titled “Art’s a Hooker”. He looks forward to creating a better, more peaceful world through cinema, art, dialogue, cultural exchange and friendship.

Dylan Marko Bell



Dylan Marko Bell is a Director/Editor based in Los Angeles.
His work has been seen in MTV, Rolling Stone, AOL SPINNER, Buzzbands LA, PureVolume and other various music outlets. Most recently, his short film, “The Last Ghost Dancer” is screening in the festival circuit.

Dylan is currently developing his first feature film, and directing videos for Young Blood Hawke, Soft Swells, Vanaprasta and others.

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Cortney Wright


Cortney Wright

Cortney Wright is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in performance. She began singing and acting at a young age, but eventually realized she was equally as passionate about writing.

Cortney has theatre credits but her favorite show so far has been Joe Turner’s Come and Gone by August Wilson.

Working on this project has been an incredible experience and Cortney can’t wait to see where this project goes!

Ashely Hasenyager

Production Designer

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James Lynn

Music Composer

James Lynn

James Lynn was born counting rhythms and hearing melodies in his everyday life. Growing up in Montreal, he started playing the piano at the age of 10. Later in his life he graduated from the music program of Vanier college in 2000, then to Concordia University in 2007 with a degree in film composition from l’Université du Quebec à Montreal.

James Lynn has played the drums in various bands everywhere from Blues/ Jazz and rock. Most notably he played with Young Galaxy
and Fox Fraser. James is now fully living out his passion as a credited composer for Film and Television.

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